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The SIC Church Bulletin & Mass Intentions for week of 23 July 2017 are now available at Bulletin webpage.

Do check out the activities and happenings planned for our parish. 

A Guide for Confession

In reponse to requests made by parishioners, the Guide for Confession which is projected in St Ignatius Church during Advent and Lent Penitential Services can be viewed and downloaded by clicking onprodigalsonThis guide can also be used in preparation for confession at other times. 


Annual General Reunion of Legion of Mary


On Sunday 4 December 2016, the Rooftop of Costantini Community Centre, St Ignatius Church (SIC), hosted one of the largest gatherings of Catholics since its renovation. The occasion was the Annual General Reunion (AGR) of the Legion of Mary Kuala Lumpur Regia attended by some 630 legionaries for interaction in friendship with each other. This was the second time the event is held in SIC. AGRs are usually held around the time of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception – which falls on 8 December this year. Attendees responded affirmatively when asked by SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong, CDD, as to whether they have helped save souls over the past 11 months. Different curias from different churches performed song and dance routines to entertain the audience. What is striking is the visible catholicity of attendees from different cultures, of different backgrounds, young and not-so-young, of one faith & baptism, gathered together as one people under God. AGR 2016 which lasted for three hours ended at 4.45 pm with a closing prayer. 




Earlier on the same day at 12 noon, some members of the four English-speaking praesidia of SIC (with a total membership of more than 60) attended a gathering to celebrate Fr Andrew's birthday. SIC also has six Mandarin-speaking praesidia. The Legion of Mary is an international lay-apostolic organisation for Catholics which was founded in 1921. There are now over 3 million active members spread over all the world. Concilium is the highest governing body for this worldwide organisation and is based in Dublin, Ireland. In West Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur Regia is the local governing body for the Legion of Mary. A regia is in charge of several curiae whilst a curia supervises several praesidia. The object of the Legion of Mary is the Glory of God through the holiness of its members developed by prayers and active co-operation, under ecclesiastical guidance, in Mary’s and the Church’s work of crushing the head of the serpent and advancing the reign of Christ. Legionaries are actively involved (often without publicity and anonymously) in carrying out the Spiritual Works of Mercy as well as the Corporal Works of Mercy.  


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Rite of Commissioning 2016


One of the largest commissioning of ministries in the history of St Ignatius Church (SIC) was carried out at the 6 pm Mass on Sunday 27 November 2016. Ministries/groups under the Liturgy Ministry and Parish Formation participated in the Rite of Commissioning presided by SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong, CDD, with Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng, CDD as concelebrant. Members who pledged to serve the parish with love and dedication belong to the Altar Society, Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Hospitality Ministers, Traffic Wardens, Choirs, Cantors, Lectors/Commentators, Liturgy Scriptwriters, Parish Communication Team, Sacristans, Parish Formation Team & Charismatic Prayer Group. Fr Andrew whose birthday falls on 28 November was presented with a surprise birthday cake and prayed over by the congregation. Most of the ministries/groups commissioned were from the Liturgy Ministry whose Coordinator is Anthony Sta Maria.  


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Photography: John Ari Ragai


First Sunday of Advent 2016


Advent – a new liturgical season and a period of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Advent also refers to the coming of Christ in our lives through grace and the sacraments especially the Holy Eucharist as well as Jesus' Second Coming (or Parousia) at the end of time. During the First Sunday of Advent 8.45 am Mass, RCIA candidates at St Ignatius Church (SIC) moved a step further in their journey into the Catholic Church when they were signed with the cross by SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong, CDD, Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng, CDD and their sponsors during the Rite of Welcoming.


The Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens which ensued signifies a change of identity whereby they will now be called catechumens. Each received a crucifix. After Mass, the catechumens, their sponsors, family members and invited guests were joined by Frs Andrew and Lawrence for fellowship at the cafeteria. Provision of food and drinks was organised by SIC's Basic Ecclesial Community Coordinating Team (BECCOT). Mandarin RCIA candidates of SIC also went through the same rites at the 11.15 am Mass.


At the same Mass, Frs Andrew and Lawrence unveiled the new parish theme for 2017 – We are a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring Community.


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Photography: Peter Law


RCIA Outreach to Little Sisters of the Poor


by Shaun Chan 

RCIA candidates with their sponsors, invited guests and facilitators visited the Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor (LSP) in Cheras on Sunday 13 November 2016 to bring some companionship and entertainment to the residents. The gathering and outreach was much looked forward to by the entire group who brought along basic necessities as well as supplement tablets from a commercial sponsorship. This occasion was extra special as Mass was celebrated by Cardinal-elect, the Most Reverend Anthony Soter Fernandez, who reminded that the duty of every Catholic is to serve with perseverance and faith.



After Mass, attendees extended their congratutions to Most Reverend Anthony on being appointed Malaysia's first Cardinal in the Catholic Church. LSP Sister Fatima expressed her gratitude and shared her vocation – about how happy and blessed she is in serving and caring for the elderly, sick and lonely. She added that the home has always been run under God’s provision, thus giving her team time to focus on caring and valuing the dignity of each human being. Talented candidates serenaded the residents with a few songs and brought early Christmas cheer to the residents. Lunch was served at noon and all enjoyed the fellowship, with some bringing home hand-made art & and craft products from the gift shop. The visitors were also taken for a tour of the home facilities.    



SIC Parish Assembly 2016

More than 250 parishioners from both the English and Mandarin-speaking communities representing BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) and parish ministries attended this year’s Parish Assembly (PA) convened by St Ignatius Church (SIC) on Saturday 12 November 2016 at 1 pm. After praise & worship, enthronement and reading of the Bible and an opening prayer, Father Andrew Wong, CDD commenced proceedings with his first welcoming address as Parish Priest. He revealed that the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese census conducted last year recorded 6,240 parishioners in SIC which is the largest amongst Catholic churches in Petaling Jaya.


Alphonso Lourdesamy (Chairman, Parish Coordinating Council) gave a review of activites carried out in 2015-2016 anchored by the parish theme – To be a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring Community – followed by his counterpart Paul Tan doing likewise for the Mandarin community. A flashback video featuring major events & initiatives of the Parish Plan over the last two years was screened; Fr Andrew & SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng, CDD cut a celebratory cake; and Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) member Rita Krishnan gave a summary of feedback received from the Archdiocese Pastoral Questionnaire conducted in SIC in 2015. Lourdes Abishegam (Chairman, PPC) then presented a summary of the census undertaken which showed that 92% of our parishioners are locals while the rest comprise Malaysians from East Malaysia & foreigners from countries such as the Philippines, Nigeria & Indonesia. Women make up 57% of the parish population and almost half (49%) of our parishioners are in the 26-60 age group. 


After a half-hour tea break, Lourdes gave an overview of the deliberations emanating from the Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention Four (PMPC IV) attended by more than 600 clergy and laity last month. As we wait for implementation & direction from the Archdiocese on the PMPC vision, the PPC has decided to continue with the successful strategies implemented in SIC in the past two years. A new parish theme for 2017 will be launched at the 8.45 am Mass on 27 November which is the First Sunday of Advent. After three new members were formally elected into the PPC and four into the Parish Chinese Apostolate (PCA), the PA programme continued with the Parish Finance Report by Edward Sta Maria (Chairman, Parish Finance Committee) and a Question & Answer session where all queries were addressed.


Fr Andrew presided over the most captivating part of the gathering with a progress update on building works and a slew of upcoming changes in the parish. They include: Shifting of the Tabernacle to the centre of the Sanctuary; a bigger statue of Mother Mary at the Grotto; LED signboard screening Mass times, events & Scripture verses; no collections for the building fund in 2017; setting up of a ministry for evangelisation & a steering committee to study the need for a Social Justice & Peace group; Masses celebrated in Bahasa Malaysia from January 2017 to cater to East Malaysians; and futsal & basketball courts for the benefit of youths.


Also in the pipeline are exhibitions about Mother Mary during Rosary month & our patron Saint Ignatius of Loyola during Parish Feast Day. Fees have been waived for: (a) Usage of the funeral parlour & aircon during funerals & weddings; and (b) extraction of baptism, confirmation & other certificates. Fr Andrew hope the changes implemented will help improve the spiritual growth, comfort in worship, and fellowship amongst parishioners. He added that both priests welcome ideas and concerns that will meet the needs of all, and asked for their support in return to continue growing the parish. PPC and PCA members were then commissioned and joined attendees in making a pledge to serve the SIC community to the best of their ability. The Parish Assembly ended at 4.30 pm with a closing prayer recited by all and a blessing from Fr Andrew.

Photography: John Ari Ragai & Matthew Soo


First Holy Communion for 73

How do you feel? Happy. Why? Because I have received Jesus. These short but sweet responses by nine-year-old Bryan Teoh could well be the same for 71 other children of St Ignatius Church (SIC) Standard 3 First Holy Communion Class of 2016 and a 16 year-old boy from the Church of Divine Mercy who received Christ the Bread of Life for the first time. SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng was the celebrant at the Sunset Mass on 5 November 2016 with Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong & Fr Francis Ng CDD as concelebrants. Fr Lawrence during his homily reminded parents to bring their children to attend Mass after Sunday school for untold graces from Jesus the Resurrection and the Life. He also reminded parents to be good role models as they – and not the church – are the first and primary catechists of the Christian faith. 



Incorporated into the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church through Baptism while infants, receiving Christ in the Eucharist is the third Sacrament received by the children. Apart from bread and wine, the children offered up their First Holy Communion certificates – a symbol of remembrance of the first time they became one in the Body of Christ – and Camp Crafts Prayer Cards during the Offertory Procession. The children also sang a thanksgiving song followed with a pledge by their parents. Each child happily took turns to be photographed with Frs Lawrence, Andrew and Francis after Mass.



Click on Sunday School  for more information on classes and activities to prepare children for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. View and download more photos fromFlickr logo

Photography: John Ari Ragai, Daniel Khong & Peter Law


Special Baptism & First Holy Communion

specialbaptfhc 1.jpg

Twenty children received their First Holy Communion at the St Ignatius Church (SIC) 6 pm Mass on Sunday 16 October 2016. Nine of them had been baptised by Fr Albet Arockiasamy, Parish Priest of Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puchong, at a ceremony which started at 4.45 pm and witnessed by their godparents, family members and friends. These are children of parent/s baptised as adults who want to join the Catholic Church or children of Catholic parents who have not had the opportunity to attend Sunday school (e.g. those who accompanied parents posted overseas). Each year, SIC Sunday school's special catechism programme help prepare such children who are within the Standard 3 to Form Four age group for the Sacraments of Baptism and First Holy Communion. Towards the end of Mass, parents of the children who have received their First Holy Communion and godparents of children who were baptised recited a pledge to be faith role models for the children.

specialbaptfhc 5specialbaptfhc 6

specialbaptfhc 4specialbaptfhc 2

Click on Sunday school for more information on classes and activities to prepare children for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. 

Photography: John Ragai & Daniel Khong

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