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Postponement of Church Renovation

Pls note that our church renovation  – announced previously to commence on 8 May 2017  – has been postponed until further notice.

RCIA Coffee Morning


by Shaun On

Catechumens and sponsors of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Class of 2016-2017 teamed up to organise and run their coffee morning on Sunday 19 February. About 20 varieties of food were served as a result of their full cooperation and determination to serve the children attending Sunday school as well as parishioners of St Ignatius Church. The planning for this bonding exercise was done in conjunction with some experienced facilitators, but deep within, it helped to uncover the enthusiasm of the catechumens in food preparation, coordination within and between groups in selling, assigning of hospitality duties as well as cleaning up of utensils and the cafeteria floor.  



As a goodwill gesture, all the food sold was on donation basis. There was a big round of applause which could be heard throughout the cafeteria venue when all the food were completely sold out just before noon. It was an well-participated activity to help foster continued bonding among catechumens, sponsors and facilitators alike.



Big Turnout for Bible Timeline Scripture Study


A hundred and five participants have registered for The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation module which started at 8 pm on Monday 13 February in Room 2-6 of the Costantini Community Centre. This 24 session module is being facilitated by 24 members of the SIC Scripture Study (SSS) group. Joining the attendees for the first session was St Ignatius Church (SIC) Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng who sat through the praise & worship, enthronement & video presentation. Despite Monday being his off-day, Fr Lawrence enthusiastically joined one of the eight groups for faith & knowledge sharing which ended just after 10 pm.



Earlier on when Fr Lawrence addressed the attendees, he advised that Bible studies should be done gradually and continually – akin to taking small bites each time, every day, to digest. SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong dropped by at around 9.45 pm to greet participants and facilitators alike at their respective groups. This module is a new presentation by Bible scholar Jeff Cavins of the module of the same name conducted by SSS in 2011 & 2013. A study set with questions & answers, a bookmark and a newly-designed Bible Timeline Chart illustrating the major events, people and places of salvation history are used to augment learning. Also present at the opening session was Catechetical Ministry Coordinator Francis Jong.


Click on SSS for more information.


Installation of Mother Mary & St Bernadette Statues


A new and bigger statue of Mother Mary at the Grotto was unveiled and blessed by St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong, CDD after the 6 pm Sunset Mass on Saturday 11 February 2017. Also celebrated today is the optional Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes which marks the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1858 to 14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous – the firstborn daughter of a miller from Lourdes, France. "I am the Immaculate Conception" was the revelation to Bernadette who in a trance had asked Our Lady repeatedly as to her identity. Canonised by Pope Pius XI in 1933, St Bernadette is the patroness of illness, people ridiculed for their piety, poverty, shepherds, shepherdesses, and Lourdes. A small statue of St Bernadette at the Grotto was also installed and blessed. Fr Andrew hopes that more parishioners will pray at the Grotto which now has 10 new concrete benches for seating at least 20 persons comfortably. 




World Day for Consecrated Life 2017


During the General Audience on 1 February 2017, His Holiness Pope Francis asked Catholics to pray for all those in religious and consecrated life, those who have been called to profess the evangelical counsels. With this appeal very much in mind, some 300 Catholics from various churches attended a special Mass to celebrate the World Day for Consecrated Life at St Ignatius Church (SIC) on Thursday 9 February starting at 6 pm. They came to pray for and to be in solidarity with about 70 priests, nuns and religious brothers from 10 religious communities who were present.  



Celebrated in English and Bahasa, the Mass followed the liturgy for the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord with His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow as the main celebrant. His Eminence Cardinal Soter Fernandez, His Grace Achhbishop Joseph Marino (Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia), His Grace Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam and SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng, CDD were the conclebrants. In his homily, Archbishop Julian said on this day, the religious are celebrating the vows they took. He reminded that religious life is a calling, not a career; a way of life, not a job; an identity and not just a role they play. The lives of the religious – their witness & example – puts flesh to all that they preach. After Mass, the religious gathered together for a fellowship dinner.


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Physical Enhancements in SIC


Today (7 Feb 2017) marks the 220th day that Fr Andrew Wong, CDD and Fr Lawrence Ng, CDD has been shepherding St Ignatius Church (SIC) as parish priests. In this relatively short space of time, many enhancements & changes in many forms have been implemented throughout the biggest church in Petaling Jaya (in terms of the number of parishioners). In the area of physical enhancements, some are obvious to the naked eye but some are not. Perhaps the most obvious – especially at night – are the lighted letterings of the SIC name which are now a floor higher and complements the Welcoming Christ statue. Similarly, the letterings have also been shifted higher at the other end of the Costantini Community Centre facing Paradigm Mall. 



These initiatives will provide motorists and pedestrians travelling along LDP & surrounding roads and LRT passengers greater awareness of the location of SIC. A metal plate listing the timings of Masses, Novenas, Holy Hour and Sacred Heart Devotion has been put up at the main entrance gate. Within the church, there are now two confessionals at the right wing instead of one, two new LED projectors and another LED TV screening Mass proceedings have been installed. Free wifi (sic30) is now available in most parts of the church compound except the most remote areas. The pigeon hole rack for letters has been shifted across next to where the Communion Ministers & Lectors room is located. New wardrobes to store lectors' vestments have been installed in this room. 



Five hundred new plastic chairs have been added as well as 10 concrete benches seating at least 20 parishioners at the Grotto. New wallpaper now adorn the funeral parlour and Michelangelo's famous masterpiece Pieta hangs on the Rooftop wall at the new lift landing at Costantini Community Centre. A new traffic system has been implemented to ease the entry and exit of vehicles into and out of the church compound. This entails marking the roads – which are newly resurfaced – as well as putting up signages at strategic locations. Priests, staff and volunteers have and will work hard to continually improve the church in all aspects. It is up to each and every parishioner to make full use of our new facilities and cooperate with each other as a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring Community.





Parish Calendar Planner 2017

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) of St Ignatius Church (SIC) has produced the Parish Calendar Planner for 2017. It lists the main church-level, ministry and BEC activities for the year guided by the parish theme: We are a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring CommunityClick on Cover and Calendar to download.





Chinese New Year Mass 2017


We need to ask for love from our Heavenly Father – the source of all supply  and continue to give to others. This was the main thrust of St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong's homily during this year's Chinese New Year Mass at St Ignatius Church (SIC) which started at 10 am on Saturday 28 January 2017. SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng, CDD and Fr Francis Ng, CDD were the concelebrants. The bilingual Mass in Mandarin and English to usher in the Year of the Rooster also included responses in Bahasa during the Prayer of the Faithful. Amongst the gifts brought to the altar were flowers (representing adoration & admiration), red candles (hope & peace), nian gao (Chinese New Year cakes representing unity & fellowship) and fruits (happiness & achievements). After holy communion, a Rite of Commemoration of Ancestors was conducted, beginning with a reading from the Book of Sirach 44:1-15 in remembrance and praise of our forebears for their great contributions & rich heritage; teachings & acts of virtue and piety which deserve our honour & respect; and example for us to imitate. 



Fr Andrew Wong, CDD also read out the following: The Chinese place great importance on filial piety, so commemoration to the ancestors is an important ritual during the Chinese New Year celebration. Honouring ancestors on the first day of the New Year is a way of fulfilling our filial piety. It is a tradition of our church to offer special prayers to our departed loved ones during Mass. The rite of commemorating the ancestors is in accordance, and not in contradiction, to the teachings of the Church. Pope Pius XII in his Encyclical of 8 December 1939 stated that: “the Liturgical ceremony of bowing in respect to the photographs or the tablets of our ancestors is both reasonable as well as permissible.” Hence, in accordance to this, Christians can honour their ancestors, as long as they do not have the idea of worshipping them as idols, as though the spirits of the dead are dwelling within the tablets. To pay respect to the tablets with the inscription of the names of the ancestors, is a sign of respecting the dead and by honouring our ancestors, we are merely showing that we are not forgetting our roots and our heritage. So, on the first day of Chinese New Year, the Church can arrange a special ceremony to have the rite of commemorating the ancestors after the Mass is over, It is a way of enculturating Chinese culture into the local Church. 



After Mass, Frs Andrew & Lawrence offered joss sticks (to honour our ancestors), two baskets of flowers (representing love), three cups of wine (remembrance) and two trays of fruits (admiration) on behalf of the congregation. Oranges were blessed and given out together with ang pows (red envelopes containing money as a symbol of good fortune) to attendees. A Lion Dance performance then ensued at the church entrance to round out the celebrations.



SIC wish all a Blessed and Happy Chinese New Year!

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Photography: John Ragai & Matthew Soo.


Rite of Commissioning 2017


Coordinators, catechists, facilitators and members of 18 ministries pledged their commitment to serve and build up the parish of St Ignatius Church (SIC) at a commissioning ceremony held during the 8.45 am Mass on Sunday 22 January 2017. SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong, CDD, handed commissioning certificates to Francis Jong (Catechetical Coordinator), Shelagh Nunis (Family Life Coordinator), David Lim (Youth Coordinator), Michael Toh (PIHD Coordinator) and Danny Ong (Counsellor, Bethany Counselling Centre) who collected on behalf of component ministries under their purview. They include Catechetical Ministry – SIC Scripture Study (SSS), Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), Infant Baptism and Sunday School; Family Life Ministry (FLM) – Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC), Marriage Encounter, Parents' Group, Senior Citizens, Moving On Single Again (MOSA), Cancer Support Group and FLM Singers; and Youth Ministry – Youths and Single Adults. Those commissioned promised to grow in holiness through their service of love & unity and to serve their brothers and sisters in Christ unconditionally through their ministries. 



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Photography: Peter Law

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