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The SIC Church Bulletin & Mass Intentions for week of 24 Sep 2017 are now available at Bulletin webpage.

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Healing Rally By Carmelites



Church Renovations - Adjustments for Parishioners




Bible Presentation for RCIA Inquirers


by Shaun On, RCIA Facilitator

Since the began in early July 2017 for the new RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) session intake, the inquirers have been holding hands with the facilitators in faith sharing. And all have been taught to learn Sacred Scripture, Tradition and the person of Jesus. At the evening of the Feast of the Assumption, St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD came to the class and mingled with the inquirers with some Questions and Answers. All were filled with the spirit of participation. Fr Andrew later presented to each and everyone a Bible and advised that sacred scripture will further enable them to deepen their understanding of the faith during their journey.





Sunday School Brings Bible to Life

by Francis Goon, Sunday School Teacher

The day had finally arrived. Bible Sunday. I wonder how often we Catholics read the Bible. Some more than their neighbour, I suppose. But the burning question remains within me. Do young Catholics know the Bible. A quick quiz in earlier class session revealed a more dismal and negative outlook on bible knowledge. Alright, so we are not bible scholars. The task at hand was to do a play for our audience, Form 2 Peter. That kind of put the kids in my Form 2 Paul at ease. Better them than in front of the whole congregation was the collective thoughts of these young souls. A thought quickly developed in my mind inspired no doubt by the Holy Spirit. A script for the play soon after developed. The premise was quite straight forward. Set in modern times, the character mirrors three (3) biblical characters: The Centurion, Zacchaeus, and Jairus.


The Centurion portrayed a rather unique character. Despite practicing a different religion altogether (Roman pagan gods), he was fascinated by Judaism. This fascination led to deep respect for the Jewish community, evidenced by his willingness to build for the community Jewish temples. Furthermore, his fascination for Judaism had enable him to readily believe and thus, be given the faith to receive (for his servant) the healing power of God. It was on this premise that the character that mirrored the Centurion operated on. Zacchaeus as well portrayed a character that was relatable. The more I ponder over Zacchaeus and the sycamore tree incident, it dawned upon me that Zacchaeus curiosity for Jesus had pushed him into action: He climbed the sycamore tree. But why the sycamore tree other than the obvious fact that such a tree was near him and was at his disposal? He was aware of his physical limitation. He was a short man. But rather than wallowing in self-pity over matters beyond his control, he sought any means possible to overcome his limitations and seek what his heart wanted: A glimpse of Jesus. The evidence of this hearts desire can be seen fully in the act of Zacchaeus going through the trouble of climbing a sycamore tree. He was rewarded for his act when Jesus invited Himself to Zacchaeus home. It was on this premise that the character that mirrored Zacchaeus operated on.


The last character in the Bible Sunday play mirrored Jairus. Jairus was an important man in the Jewish community during the time Jesus was preaching the Good News. His was a story of desperation and hopefulness. Jairus daughter was at the brink of death. When Jesus did arrive, Jairus was informed of the death of his daughter. Furthermore, he was advised not to trouble the Master. At this juncture, Jairus showed an admirable quality: faith, obedience, and patience. He had faith in Jesus when Jesus assured him and the others that his daughter was merely sleeping. He showed restrained in the midst of intense sorrow (after hearing the news of his daughters death) by listening to Jesus and obeying Him. He did not succumb to despair and anguish. He was in the presence of the Master and His words comforted him. He obeyed the voice of Jesus and remained where he was, as Jesus went to the girls room and soon after, the little girl was seen by all, alive. But I often wondered what would have been the emotion of Jairus after Jesus entered his dead daughters room. What did he expect from a healer? His faith in Jesus led him to obey the voice of Jesus and therefore wait patiently for Jesus to fulfil a fathers petition. He did not waver. He did not fret. He did not demand. The reward for his faith, obedience and patience was the joy of seeing his daughter alive again. It was on this premise that the character that mirrored Jairus operated on.


Three (3) characters from the bible with one message: We grow into an intimate relationship with God when we are fascinated by Him, which leads to curiosity to see and end up experiencing God in an intimate way, which calls us to have faith in Him, to act in obedience to His Words, and wait patiently for God to work in our lives for His glory. That was the motive of our Form 2 Pauls play for Bible Sunday. The storyline was hammered out and copies of the script was electronically distributed using WhatsApp. The kids in class practiced and laughter mixed with moments of seriousness filled the classroom a week before Bible Sunday. On the red-letter day, as students from Form 2 Peter took their seats, curious to know what our play was about and hoping to guess them, students of Form 2 Paul took their position. At the appointed time, the students played their part as if they were on Broadway and the rest, as the expression goes, was history.

During quiz-time, students in Form 2 Peter began to guess the three (3) biblical characters and tried finding the story depicting these three (3) characters in the bible. The atmosphere was festive and we wrapped up the quiz session with a short lecture on the significance of the stories depicted in the skit. Thereafter, Form 2 Peter gave their skit and we in Form 2 Paul began to slowly understand, thanks to the students of Form 2 Peters brilliant performance of the woman caught in the act of adultery. The session ended with quiz and a short lecture by the teacher of Form 2 Peter. Overall, the Bible Sunday play presented by both classes (Form 2 Paul and Peter) were entertaining and meaningful. As we learned more about the stories in the Gospel, we come to experience our Heavenly Father in a real and intimate way through the lives of the characters who personally encountered Emmanuel.


Oath of Pre-Confirmands by Form 3 students


by Pamela Hendroff

Seventy three St Ignatius Church (SIC) Sunday school Form 3 students took an Oath of Pre-Confirmands at the 8.45 am Mass on Sunday 13 August 2017. A contemplation hour to prepare the students for their oath-taking was held the night before. The event started with praise & worship, meditation, placing of candles at the cross and benediction. Some parents participated by joining their children as well as help prepare dinner at the cafeteria for fellowship.







Parish Feast Day Triduum 2017


This year's Parish Feast Day Triduum anchored by the theme – Be Disciples of Hope (Creative, Inclusive & Bridge Building) – culminated with a multilingual Mass on Monday 31 July 2017 at St Ignatius Church (SIC). The eucharistic celebration held at 8 pm coincided with the feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola, the patron saint of SIC and founder of the Society of Jesus who passed away 461 years ago. Representatives from both English- and Mandarin-speaking Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) and ministries processed into church with buntings 15 minutes before Mass starts. Fr George Harrison (Parish Priest, Church of Visitation, Seremban) was the main celebrant with SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD, Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD & Fr Francis Ng CDD as concelebrants.


In his homily, Fr George advised parishioners to not just pray, pay and obey. Don't just be onlookers but serve in church ministries and BECs; reach out to those outside the church such as migrants; visit the home-bound, the suffering & sick in hospitals; build bridges with people of other faiths by visiting their places of worship. Be an active member of the Body of Christ. At the close of Mass, Fr Andrew thanked his fellow priests and organisers who made the event a success. He also remarked that this was the first Mass ever in SIC where the choir sang in English, Mandarin, Bahasa and Tamil – four languages also used by Fr George during the Eucharistic celebration. Parishioners joined priests for a fellowship meal after Mass.


On the first day of the Triduum on 29 July, Fr VA Michael (Parish Priest, Church of St Paul the Hermit, Bestari Jaya) was the main celebrant at the 6 pm sunset Mass with a focus on healing. Parishioners had the opportunity to be prayed over for healing after the Mass. Concurrently at the Costantini Community Centre, Fr Aloysius Tan (Parish Priest, Church of the Sacred Heart, Kampar, Perak) was the main celebrant at the sunset Mass for Mandarin-speaking parishioners. Fr Aloysius was also the main celebrant during the following day's 6.45 am & 11.15 am (Mandarin) Mass during which he focused on Being Creative.



During the 8.45 am Mass during which Fr Alberto Irenus SJ (Assistant Parish Priest, Church of St Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya) shared about the importance of Being Inclusive in his homily. Everyone is welcome to the Kingdom of God. However, in the Church (the Kingdom of God on earth) parishioners serve in ministries geared to their talents and capabilities. Fr Gregory Chan (Assistant Parish Priest, Church of the Assumption, Petaling Jaya) focused on Bridge Building in his homily at the 6 pm Mass. A new movie titled "Ignacio de Loyola" on the life of SIC's patron saint was screened at 8 pm.


Other activities organised as part of the Triduum include a nine-day Novena to St Ignatius, Liturgy of the Hours, recitations of the rosary & Litany of St Ignatius, a Blood Donation drive, and a talk in Mandarin of the same title as the triduum theme Be Disciples of Hope by Fr Aloysius on Sunday 30 July 2017.



A Happy Feast Day to all parishioners of SIC!

Click on flickrlogo for more photos.


SIC to Host Carnival on Dental Health


by Alphonso Lourdesamy, Parish Coordinating Council (PCC) Chairman

St Ignatius Church (SIC) has been selected to host a carnival on dental health. This event, known as Program Kolaborasi Kesihatan Pergigian dan Badan-badan Agama (Kesihatan Oral dan Agama - KOA), is a Health Ministry national-level event. The objectives are to: Spread oral health through religion, using house of worship to promote oral health related information to promote inter-religious understanding through the promotion of oral health, and Empower religious leaders to help spread and educate the parishioners on matters and importance of oral health. We are in process of confirming the dates of this carnival which will be held over two days at our parish. The first meeting about the above matter was held on Friday 7 July morning. Watch out for more news in the coming weeks.


Front row (from left): Fr Lawrence Ng CDD (Assistant Parish Priest), Mr Bernard Ng (PCA Chairman), Dr Fazeyanah Sabaran, Dr Nadiah Nadzirah Rostam, Dr Siti Sarah Soraya, Fr Andrew Wong CDD (Parish Priest), Dr Nor Haskins, Dr Effarah Izlin Ab. Jabar & Dr Rima Wati Bt Idros. Back row: Mr Lourdes Abishegam (PPC Chairman), Dr Rohendran A/L K Paskarapathy Rajah, Mr Alphonso Lourdesamy & Dr Muhamad Syafiq Bin Muhamad Isa.


Outreach by Sunday School Form 4 Confirmands


On Saturday 8 July 2017, 89 St Ignatius Church (SIC) Sunday school Form 4 confirmands filled two bus loads and made their way to cheer up the elderly folks staying at Little Sisters of the Poor in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, and Destiny Home which is an orphanage in in Klang. The combined total number of residents for the two homes is 90. Both visits were highly successful – with the residents of Little Sisters of the Poor already enquiring as to when the boys and girls will be visiting again.



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