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The SIC Church Bulletin & Mass Intentions for week of 21 to 27 Sep are now available at Bulletin webpage.

Do check out the activities and happenings planned for our parish. 

Sunday School Registration 2014

Sunday School Registration for the 2014 school year begins on 29 September 2013. Registration counters will be opened from 10.15am to 11.45 am at the Training Centre, (Level 1, Room 1-2) on the following days...

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Parish Planning Workshop

by Erwin Ho, PPC Chairman 

Thirty-three lay leaders comprising Ministry Chief Coordinators, Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and Parish Chinese Apostolate (PCA) members, the Chairperson and Assistant Chairpersons of the BEC Coordinating Team (English & Mandarin BECCOT) and Parish Coordinating Councils (PCC & PCCC), participated in a two-day Parish Planning Workshop in Oriental Crystal Hotel Kajang from 29-30 Aug 2014. The workshop is led by SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng and Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong. With feedback on previous parish plans and input from lay leaders having been obtained and deciphered during and after the Parish Analysis Evening in early August, the workshop this year took on a slightly different format, wherein emphasis was placed on discernment and discussion along with reviewing the feedback obtained. The proposed Objectives, Rationale and Parish Theme for 2015 will be unveiled at the next PCC and PCCC meetings at the end of September, at which time all Ministries will be requested to draw up their strategies by end October in time to prepare for the roll out of the Parish Plan at the Parish Assembly on 15 Nov 2014.



Altar Servers Emerge Football Champions of PJ

By Erwin Ho, Altar Servers Parents Representative

After a long day of running, dribbling, tackling and scoring on 1 Sep 2014, the SIC Altar Servers were crowned champions of the 2014 Petaling District Inter Parish Altar Servers Football Tournament. In a pulsating final, our boys defeated the Altar Servers of St Thomas Moore 4-3 on penalties after both the full and extra time ended goalless. En-route to the final, the boys played four matches on the not so conducive pitch at the Section 17 Shah Alam Mini Stadium. Nevertheless, the boys gave their all and emerged triumphant. 



The preparations for the tournament were thorough and rigorous with friendly matches organised in between training sessions, notably the rain-soaked match with intermittent thunder and lightning at the SS5 field against their dads which ended with a 3-1 score, favouring the champions but subject to a rematch. Our friends at the Church of the Assumption, Petaling Jaya, won the Fair Play trophy and best player award and we extend our heartiest congratulations to them as well. As champions, SIC is tasked with organising the next tournament in four years’ time, which we shall gladly accept, although a few of our stars will by then be over the age limit of 23 years, come 2018.

Photography: Peter Law


Acts - The Spread of the Kingdom

By Stefenie Choo

Several years ago, I attended a spiritual seminar. The foreign speaker prayed over me at the end of the session. During the praying over, one prominent verse in her prayer struck and resonated in me through the session. After the seminar, I asked the speaker to elaborate on the verse uttered: I will be made known throughout the world. The speaker paused, pondered for a few seconds, and said, “I did not speak of those words. It must be the Holy Spirit speaking through me for you to listen”. Those words resonated within me that the Lord so loved the world that he will reach out to all His children worldwide to fulfil His Promise of Worldwide Blessings. When I later learned that the St Ignatius Scripture Study (SSS) group will be conducting a module on Acts – The Spread of the Kingdom, I signed up for it without any second thoughts with the intention to gain some insights into how one can play a role in fulfilling the Divine Will.



Acts is a rich 20-session study based on The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Learning System created by Bible scholar Jeff Cavins. Each session comprise praise and worship, Bible enthronement, reading of the Gospel and a video-lecture presented by Jeff. This is followed by group sharing where facilitators discuss questions from structured study sets with participants to reinforce the corresponding lesson. Suggested responses provided in the study set furnish additional insights and explanations to the lesson. Acts is a narrative of:

• How the Church was born with the descent of the Holy Spirit
• How the Church carries on the work of Christ throughout the world
• The re-living of the life of Christ by his apostles & early disciples after his Ascension
• The spread of the Word of God first to the Jews, then to the Gentiles, & finally to the outermost parts of the Earth.



This study has presented the Scriptures in different perspectives whilst parallels are simultaneously drawn to make the study better understood and interesting. Having journeyed through Acts with Jeff Cavins, SSS facilitators and fellow participants from SIC and other parishes, the participants unanimously agreed this has been a Spirit-inspiring, enlightening, enriching, and enjoyable spiritual journey. The journey is encapsulated in a concluding remark by the participants: “A privilege to partake in this module of scripture study!” Participants are spiritually inspired by the strength of the church, apostles and early disciples to persevere with the work of Christ amidst great difficulties and persecution; touched by the growth of the church after each persecution; amazed by the Wisdom of God in His choice of apostles with different attributes; and strengthened by the Faithfulness of God in leading His flock to carry on His mission. And above all they are moved by the Love of God for His unfailing Love to bestow upon all His worldwide blessings!



Privileged to receive the knowledge of Acts and the baton to Spread the Kingdom of God, participants are now moving on with a renewed apostolic zeal – to be strong to persevere in time of difficulties, wise in strategising evangelisation, inspired by the acts of apostles and saints, equipped with knowledge of His Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and be a faithful witnesses of God and church! With this humble sharing, it is the first step of my (our) taking on the baton – to spread the Kingdom of God. Would you too like to accept the baton from our loving Lord to spread His Kingdom? 




Click here to view more photos of SIC Scripture Study (SSS) Acts Certificate Presentation Dinner held at King Crab Restaurant.

Photography: Matthew Soo, John Ari Ragai & Cassandra Lim 


Parish Feast Day Triduum 2014

After recitation of the rosary together as a church community, BEC core team members gathered at the Costantini Commnity Centre car park and processed into church to signal the start of this year's Parish Feast Triduum on Thursday 31 July. The Novena to Saint Ignatius of Loyola was recited followed by High Mass with Fr Edwin Paul (Parish Priest, Church of St Paul The Hermit) as the main celebrant and SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng as concelebrant. As the parish pastoral theme for this year is Caring & Sharing, United in ChristFr Edwin preached the Caring aspect during his homily. He pointed out that In the information age we live in today with so much bad news, we have become insensitive. To be caring is to be sensitive to the needs of others and what is happening elsewhere. We can also become so self-centred and comfortable that we cannot go out of ourselves. Even worse is self-absorption – to eat (kill) oneself – akin to a cancer. A lot of self-absorption is present in families and BECs, which makes BECs almost impossible.




Fr Edwin used the Parable of the Good Samaritan to emphasise that pains and prejudices can also stop us from caring. An example of our prejudice is our lack of care towards migrants or those belonging to a different religion. The world needs us as followers of Christ to start to care by moving out of self-absorption, to be aware of what is happening around us. We have to start thinking of the people we need to love or care. In concluding, Fr Edwin urged parishioners to Dare to Care. Care will make the world, parish, BEC, family and neighbourhood a better place.



On the following night, it was the turn of representatives from church ministries to form the procession into church after reciting the rosary. As was done on the day before, the Novena to Saint Ignatius of Loyola was recited followed by Mass with Fr Edwin as the main celebrant and SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong as concelebrant. In his preaching on the Sharing aspect of the Triduum theme, Fr Edwin said sharing is the other side of caring – there is no caring without sharing and vice versa. As God's people, every Christian is a sharer in God's divine life and what He gives. At every Eucharistic celebration, we listen to and share in His Word.




Fr Edwin opined that the teaching and nursing professions are amongst the least desired nowadays as, apart from work pressure and dealing with difficult students and patients, teachers and nurses have to serve and care in the most vulnerable situations. Teachers are present in the sunrise of our life whilst nurses are there in the sunset. These two professions have a lot of elements of service in them. Another example of a less-desired profession is that of care-givers in nursing homes taking care of the aged. There are many nursing homes nowadays because we ourselves are not ready to care, so we outsource the caring to others. Fr Edwin also gave several examples of the dimension of sharing by the Catholic Church. They include collections for Peter's Pence, upkeep of the Holy Land, Lenten campaign, migrants, and outreach activities by BECs and ministries.    



Fr Edwin encourage parents and grandparents to continue teaching their children and grandchildren to share. He gave the example of children handing over money during collections in church as one aspect of learning to share. The social dimension of sharing is very strong in the Catholic Church, with parishioners willingly donating money for disaster and humanitarian relief efforts, for instance. Fr Edwin encourage all to continue uplifting humanity which is created by God, whether the poor, destitute, migrants or abused – because we are working, sharing. To make his point further, he pointed out SIC patron saint's wise words: Love is shown more in deeds than in words. Another type of sharing is to share in the pain of our family, friends and those closest to us. We do this by listening to their burdens and struggles in order to uplift them. Concurrently on the first two days, Fr Simon Ee CDD was the celebrant at the Triduum Mass for the Mandarin-speaking community at Costantini Community Centre.

On the final day of the Triduum, the bilingual High Mass was celebrated by Fr Edwin and CDD Frs Simon, Lucas and Andrew were the concelebrants. Explaining the final part of the theme - United in Christ - being United is to be gathered together light at Mass. To be united is something very fundamental to any group. There is, however, much disunity in the world today with one country against another, one social group against another, and so on. Unity is also important in the Church. It is relational, not just doing things together. Faith is the relationship that we have with God. This faith is brought up at different levels – love God and love our neighbour as ourselves. Be in harmony with God, with others and ourselves. 



In Jesus, strangers become friends. And this group of friends is the Church, the Body of Christ, a life-giving community. For unity to be sustained in this Body of Christ, there must be mutual respect, trust, love, understanding and forgiveness. Jesus prayed that we as Church have this unity, as he has prayed to the Father that we may be one as the Father and him are one. God wants us to be united – no unity, no Christianity. Unity makes us a caring person, vice versa a caring person makes us united. Same for sharing.



In closing, Fr Lucas thanked Frs Edwin and Simon for helping to make the Triduum a success. Fr Lucas was presented with a surprise birthday cake and song after Dismissal. Priests joined parishioners for a fellowship meal after Mass.

Click here to view more photos of our Triduum. 

Photography: John Ari Ragai & Peter Law 


SIC Parish Feast Day Triduum (31 Jul to 2 Aug)

By Liturgy Ministry

The speaker (English) for this year's Triduum is Rev Fr Edwin Paul. He has been Parish Priest of the Church of St Paul The Hermit, Bestari Jaya (formerly known as Batang Berjuntai), Selangor, since 2009. This church has a flock of over 1,200 predominantly Tamil-speaking Catholics, scattered over the north-western part of Selangor state. Prior to his present posting, he was Rector at the College General in Penang for 12 years – training the next generation of priests. 


Fr Edwin presently serves as Priest for the Archdiocese Worldwide Catholic Marriage Encounter (Selangor & Wilayah), and was previously on The Archdiocese Promotion for Vocations Committee. He is a KL boy from the Sungei Besi Area who finished his secondary education at the SM Cochrane Road. Before his ordination on 4 August 1992, he did his pastoral outreach in SIC when the late Rev Fr Joseph Chang was Parish Priest. And he has fond memories of SIC and its parishioners...


No Morning Mass
7 PM
7.30 PM
BEC core team members to assemble @ car park
7.45 PM
Procession to church
8 PM
Novena to St Ignatius followed by High Mass
9 PM
No Morning Mass
7 PM
7.30 PM
Core team members of ministries to assemble @ car park
7.45 PM
Procession to church
8 PM
Novena to St Ignatius followed by Mass
9 PM
4.45 PM
Novena to St Ignatius followed by Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour
6 PM
High Mass (Bilingual)
7.30 PM



Catechist Retreat in Malacca

By Sulochini Nair

Called & Chosen – but how are we responding? But what kind of response are we giving? Why are you a Catholic? This was the question thrown at the 26 participants at the outset of the SIC annual Catechists outstation retreat in Malacca from 6-8 June. Our facilitator, Fr Eddie Rayappan, a Montfort director for 25 years before joining the priesthood and with a solid teaching background as a Brother, did not mince words when he threw that challenging question at us on Friday night (6 June). "God chose you and all catechists responded and accepted the call. Now because you have answered the call, you have a chance to be holy. God will hold you responsible so don’t take your role lightly," he warned.


Fr Eddie reminded us that we are not volunteers but commissioned with a mission (by virtue of our baptism) by God to help our students in their faith knowledge. What catechists should teach is not the catechist’s individual faith but the faith of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the subject of our faith together with the church and the truths it teaches. He said, "You have to stand for Christ’s idealogy, justice, peace, compassion and forgiveness." Fr Eddie’s talks during the weekend were on the theme Called, Chosen & Sent: As Catechists & Evangelisers. Led by SIC Sunday School coordinator May Mathew, the participants included a strong team from Sunday School administration who helped ensure all logistics were taken care of including food and drinks for our tea breaks. Our youth catechists organised and led in the Vespers and Divine Office as well as praise & worship. 


On the second day, Fr Eddie’s challenging question to us was: We all want to do God’s work but do we really understand or know our God? In the session on My Beloved Invites Me To Know Him, he shared that we are called to be Christ’s brothers & sisters, temples of the Holy Spirit, part of God’s family the Church and set apart to be Jesus’s ministers, bearers of His love for others; consecrated to be configured in His image. He also spoke extensively on sin to help us understand and teach it correctly to our students. He reminded primary school catechists that they are the most important people in faith building in the Church. If the faith is not correctly imparted at primary school level, it will be hard to do it later at the secondary level – which is why it’s called secondary.


Fr Eddie also cautioned on the excessive parental role at the confirmation class level when it is all about the students. "It is not the parents who are going to be confirmed but the children who must be allowed to actively and seriously be involved in truly becoming ready to receive this sacrament." He encouraged assessment of the children’s faith knowledge and their personal commitment to attendance to prove they are really worthy of the sacrament. He reminded us that more than prayers and worship, the Catholic faith is about mission and living in harmony with one another. The participants attended Mass on all three days, including Sunday Eucharistic celebration at the Church of St Theresa where Fr Eddie serves as assistant parish priest.


Rosary at the Grotto 2014

Parishioner Joseph Yong was worried that there would be an afternoon downpour that could affect this year's Rosary at the Grotto in St Ignatius Church (SIC). So the best thing that he could do was to pray to Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for good weather. And lo and behold, his prayer was answered as the rain clouds stayed away for some 300 parishioners to take part in the event on 31 May 2014. Starting at 4.45 pm, a statue of Our Lady decorated with flowers was carried starting from within the church to five locations around the church compound.   




Stopping at each location, all present recited a decade of the Glorious Mystery and sang hymns in English, Mandarin and Tamil in honour of our Blessed Mother. The procession ended when Our Lady was carried back into church. Parishioners stayed back for Mass which started at 6 pm and fellowship after Mass. SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng and Fr Philip Tan (Provincial, CDD priests in Malaysia) also joined in the procession in celebration of the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This year's event was organised by the Sunday School, BEC SS7 and BEC Kelana Puteri.




More photos are available here and here

Photography: John Ari Ragai, Peter Law & Matthew Soo

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