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Good Friday Stations of the Cross

Holy Week – the week preceding Easter and the final week of Lent – will be upon us soon. Beginning with Palm Sunday and ending on Holy Saturday, Holy Week includes Maundy (or Holy) Thursday and Good Friday. This year's Good Friday on 3 Apr features Stations of the Cross around the church compound from 1 pm before Liturgy of the Word (English) in church. Please note that Good Friday of the Lord's Passion is a universal day of penance for the Catholic Church. Hence, fasting and abstinence are to be observed on Good Friday. 


Illustration: Cassandra Lim


Parish Calendar 2015

The St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Pastoral Council has produced the Parish Calendar for 2015. The 26-page bilingual (English & Mandarin) publication lays out the Pastoral Plan for SIC anchored by the theme: To be a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring Community. Apart from elaborating the three main theme elements, the document also detail their goals, rationale & results as well as list the main church-level, ministry and BEC activities for the year.

Click here to view or download the Calendar onto your computer/tablet/phone for reference.





Official Launch of Parish Pastoral Plan & Parish Theme for 2015-2016

In a short ceremony during the 8.45 am Mass on Sunday 1 February 2015, St Ignatius Church (SIC) launched its Parish Pastoral Plan and Theme for the next two years. SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng and Parish Pastoral Council Chairman Erwin Ho jointly unveiled the theme – To be a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring Community with the figure of Welcoming Christ reinforcing the message. Earlier during offertory, the Parish Pastoral Plan and elements of worship, welcome & care were offered up together with gifts of bread and wine. The Parish Pastoral Plan will be introduced to parishioners soon.



Photography: John Ari Ragai


Fr Lucas Ng Appointed an Episcopal Vicar of KL Archdiocese

Rev Fr Lucas Ng CDD

St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng has been assigned additional duties in serving the Roman Catholic Church. He has been appointed an episcopal vicar of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur in charge of religious affairsA vicar (vicarius in Latin) is a representative, deputy or substitute – anyone acting in the person of a superior.

In the Catholic Church, a vicar is the representative of any ecclesiastic entity and vicars have various titles based on what role they are performing. They exercise authority as representatives of the bishop of the diocese. Parishioners of SIC offer their heartiest congratulations to Fr Lucas for his appointment. Click on Canon Law for information on episcopal vicars & vicars general and KL Archdiocese for the full list of appointments.


Communion Ministers Commissioning 2014

Six new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMOHC) and two new Home EMOHCs were among 69 EMOHCs who participated in the Rite of Commissioning at St Ignatius Church (SIC) on 23 November 2012. Held during the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, the EMOHCs made a pledge to perform the sacred duty of distributing Holy Communion to the faithful during Mass, to the sick in hospitals and the home-bound, as well as conducting service for the faithful departed at cemeteries & crematoriums. SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong – celebrant at the Mass and presider at the pledge-taking – reminded the ministers to love one another, and to be exemplars of Christian faith and good behaviour



An extraordinary minister of Holy Communion in the Catholic Church is, under the Code of Canon Law, 'an acolyte or another of Christ's faithful deputed', in certain circumstances, to distribute Holy Communion. The term 'extraordinary' distinguishes such a person from the ordinary (normal, regular) minister of Holy Communion, namely a bishop, priest or deacon. Stephen Ho is the Coordinator of this ministry while Edward Sta Maria is the Assistant Coordinator.



Click here to view more photos.

Photography: Daniel Khong & Peter Law


Welcoming Christ Statue Installed

An idea which germinated a dozen years ago has come to fruition. In a short ceremony on 16 November 2014 at 8.30 pm, SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng unveiled and blessed the Welcoming Christ statue situated on the third floor of Costantini Community Centre. A ledge for holding a statue was in the original architect's design for the Centre way back in 2002. Due to budget constraints, the installation of a statue was delayed till now. Fr Lucas mentioned in the souvenir magazine to commemorate the unveiling that Our Lord Jesus Christ welcomes all from near or far. He added that when the celebrant extends his hands and greets the congregation with the words "the Lord be with you" during Mass, it is a simple yet powerful invitation for all to come and dwell in his presence.   




The 4.52 metres tall sculpture made of white marble from Beijing is illuminated by LED lights which changes according to the liturgical season. Weighing 11.8 tons, the statue with hands outstretched is made up of five separate parts: pedestal, mid, top and two palms. Its design was inspired by the bronze statue of Christ in Mt Teide, Tenerife, Spain. Those who see the Welcoming Christ statue will be reminded of the world-famous 30-metre-high Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro. It is believed that the statue at SIC is presently the tallest solid marble statue in Malaysia.




The programme for the evening included songs and musical accompaniment by various choirs and talents from both within and outside SIC. A march by St John's Alumni Pipe Band performing bagpipe music ushered in the musical part of the event followed by an opening prayer and welcome speech by Fr Lucas. Among the highlights were Fr Philip Tan's (Provincial of CDD in Malaysia) rendition of Lord, I Love You (in Mandarin) & You Raise Me Up and two instrumental pieces by award-winning pianist Celestine Yoong. More than 800 parishioners attended the event.


Click here to view more photos.

Photography: John Ari Ragai, Peter Law & Matthew Soo


SIC Parish Assembly 2014

More than 200 parishioners from both the English- and Mandarin-speaking communities representing BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) and parish ministries attended this year’s Parish Assembly (PA) convened by St Ignatius Church (SIC) on 15 November 2014. John Ooi (Vice-Chairman, Parish Pastoral Council) and Sebastian Yew acted as Joint Chairmen of the Assembly which was honoured by the presence of His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow  his first official event at SIC after being installed as the fourth Metropolitan Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur on 6 October 2014. Also in attendance were SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong and Fr Clarence Dass (Director, Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute & Priest-in-Residence, Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). 



The event started at 1.15 pm with praise & worship, Bible enthronement and an opening prayer. This was followed by SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng giving a welcoming address during which he revealed the theme for SIC parish in 2015 – To be a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring CommunityFr Clarence then gave a presentation on the state of the BECs in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur and ways to increase attendance and participation in its activities. After the presentation, attendees formed groups to discuss issues and put forward possible solutions relating to BEC participation which were noted for further action. 



After a short break, the Mandarin Apostolate gathered in another room to carry out their separate discussion. Alphonso Lourdesamy (Chairman, Parish Coordinating Council) presented a summarised report of the Parish Pastoral Plan of 2014. Erwin Ho (Chairman, Parish Pastoral Council) then gave a presentation on the Parish Pastoral Plan for 2015 with a focus on the following areas in line with the parish theme:

  # Worshipping Parish (Prayer & Sacramental Life)
  # Welcoming & Caring Parish (Family, Youth & Community)
  # Welcoming & Caring Parish (BECs)

The goals and rationale for each of the above focus areas were laid out and their desired outcomes stated



The Parish Assembly agenda continued with the Parish Finance Report by Edward Sta Maria (Chairman, Parish Finance Committee) and a Question & Answer session. Matters raised regarding the report were clarified and noted. The moment many had waited for finally arrived when Archbishop Julian took centre stage to make some remarks. He started off by putting forward some questions: What is your dream for your church, BEC and country? Do we know where we want to go (our destination)? Do we care for the other (e.g. the stranger in our midst or newcomer to the church) as we strive to become a more caring community? His Grace Archbishop Julian also mentioned that not seeing or being aware of the lost, least, last or little amongst us does not mean they do not exist. In closing, he commended SIC for articulating a parish theme which emphasises worship, hospitality and care.


Fr Lucas in his final remarks thanked His Grace Archbishop Julian and Fr Clarence for their time and effort in imparting invaluable pastoral advice to parishioners for the coming year. The Parish Assembly ended at 5.15 pm with a closing prayer recited by all and a blessing from the Archbishop.

Click here to view more photos.

Photography: Peter Law

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