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BEC Reflection Paper

For the month of March, we are encouraged to reflect on the theme Baptism - Strengthens Us to Bear the Cross at our BEC gatherings. Click on Reflection Paper for the information in four languages.

Reflections for Weekend Masses


Some reflections for this weekend's Mass readings are available at Our Sunday Readings (2 pages) and Commentary on Sunday Readings (5 pages).


Donate Blood, Save Lives



Registration Open - Life in the Spirit Seminar 2019



Breakfast, lunch & tea break refreshments are provided for. A donation of RM25 would be helpful in defraying expenses. If you would like to attend the LSS in St Ignatius Church (SIC) but do not have anyone to look after your young children, bring them along for the LSS. There will a room provided for kids with activities organised by team members. For more information, kindly contact Francis Kam 017 883 2870, Gail Massang 012 942 9411 or Amanda Lam 017 886 9131. Click on onlineregicon to register online. 


Catechist Retreat 2019


The central theme that is echoing in my mind for this year’s Lent is Repentance, Renewal and Expectation. As I journeyed to the Methodist Centennial Chefoo Centre in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, my hope was that I would be able to live out the central theme of Lent. I was not disappointed. During the retreat which was held from 8-10 March, I listened to Fr Simon Pereira (Novena Church, Singapore) as he shared his experiences and key points on rediscovering our calling as catechists. I began to ponder on the four key points, namely encounter, response, transformation and mission.

I reflected on my six years as a catechist. Have I encountered Jesus in my lessons, in my students, and in my colleagues? How can I have this encounter? As Fr Simon illustrated in his talk, we meet Jesus in the Eucharist, who alone empowers us to do His mission. Still, the burning question remains: How should I respond to Christ's invitation to encounter Him? As a catechist, I know the answer. As a disciple of Christ, I still lack the courage and will to live the answer. I realise I still have a long way to go. This is my repentance stage. In humility, I know who I am and I know where I was. This is what my 2019 Lent is shaping up to be. I need to pray for the grace to accept God’s will in my life. I spent the rest of my available free time at the retreat centre praying the Rosary and other chaplets. This practice helps enlighten me as I seek to empty myself and cast myself at the foot of the Cross.


Through God’s love and mercy, I hope I can be transformed into being in the image and likeness of God – renewed. Renewed to undertake the mission of spreading the Good News to little “lambs” entrusted to my care in my Catechism class, with the expectation that He would make all things new in our life as a caring and welcoming community. As I relive the moments at the retreat centre, I cannot help but feeling blessed having attended the Catechist retreat. I made it a personal journey of repentance, renewal and expectation. I have gained some insight that would make my spiritual journey enriching this Lent and beyond as I encounter our Lord’s grace, mercy and love, guiding me to respond to His calling to be a faithful and vibrant catechist. by Vikram Pio Martin


It was an eye opener for me, a member of the Sunday school support team which was invited along, because church retreats usually are supposed to be quiet. But not this one. Fr Simon Pereira's sermons were interesting and meaningful. He understands what the youths are facing today and he guided us as educators to be at their level, to understand them, to love them and to know more about God. I already look forward to next year's retreat. by Josephine Tan

My first time attending the retreat was an experience I’ll never forget. During the three days, I was given the opportunity to meet new people, and forge friendships through sharing, song, and growing in faith and love. by Angela Chan

The location was beautiful and it was a very nice retreat. Fr Simon helped us grow spirtually and I was given the opportunity to lead praise and worship. by Adrien Rahul

My first experience definitely impacted me in various aspects of my life, both spiritually and mentally. The support given by all the catechists and Fr Simon were truly inspiring and a major blessing to me. Each one of them managed to touch my heart and make me a better person. by Isabella Wong

As for my first experience in this cathechist retreat, I honestly thought I would feel out of place with the older cathechists around. But getting to know them all and spending time with them was completely fulfilling and amazing. The testimonies of some of the cathechists and Fr Simon's talk really had a great impact on me, especially on ways to connect with students. I thank Fr Simon for coming all the way to Cameron Highlands and being there with us and most importantly to the teachers who helped make this retreat possible. The best thing in the retreat was when we sat down together in the hall and talked to one another about the things we like about each other. by Tiffeny Joy Jankins



Penitential Services - Lent 2019



The Guide for Confession which is projected in St Ignatius Church during Advent and Lent Penitential Services can be viewed and downloaded by clicking onprodigalsonThis guide can also be used in preparation for confession at other times. 


Parish Calendar 2019

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) of St Ignatius Church (SIC) has produced the Parish Calendar for 2019. It lists the main church-level, ministry and BEC activities for the year aligned with the Parish Theme: For the Greater Glory of God. Click on Calendar to download.





BEC-SSO Outreach in PJ Old Town



Eleven members of our BEC SS3 St Catherine followed the St Ignatius Church (SIC) Street Shepherd Outreach (SSO) team on Saturday evening, 9 March 2019, to help out in the SSO ministry of distributing food and drinks to the urban poor in Petaling Jaya Old Town. Team leader David Foong, in his briefing to us, said the outreach serves anyone and everyone, regardless of race, religion or creed. Many of the people who drop by are single, elderly people who live alone and without much financial resources, so the food and drinks they get in the outreach are something they look forward to. It rained for a while just as we arrived to set up a small table to put the food and drinks on the five-foot way in front of a shop which had shuttered for the day so we were not obstructing anyone.


David asked our members to take charge of handing out the food and drinks. After serving those who were already waiting for their food, there were still a few food packets left as the rain could have prevented more regulars from coming. So led by David, we took a walk around the area to hand the items to those we felt were in need. BEC members who were participating for the very first time in street feeding were unanimous in their praise and support of this challenging outreach that requires passion to go out on the streets week after week. Martin said: “Today’s outreach was interesting, it was also an eye-opener for me as I was given the opportunity to experience how it feels to help other people who are in need.”


“To see the people queue for the food and be happy after receiving it made me feel really blessed with what God has already and will provide for me,” said Marie. Emily said it was an eye-opener that many urban poor are lonely people without anyone to care for them and the outreach has shown how we should appreciate family and help others in need. For Marvin, the smiling faces of those who went away after receiving the food and drinks made his day way better! Marissa meanwhile felt that we should be grateful for the life we have been given and share that blessing with everyone. BEC SS3 St Catherine is thankful to the SSO for allowing its members to jointly help out in this street outreach. We hope to go on another one, this time in KL, in the not-too-distant future.


Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration During Lenten Season


Click ononlineregiconto register online or download the form inpdficon1format. Click on Herald to read an article about Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration (PEA) at SIC and watch the PEA video.


RCIA Facilitators Retreat 2019



To prepare for the coming of the Lenten season, St Ignatius Church (SIC) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) facilitators organised a retreat at the Maranatha Retreat Centre, Janda Baik, Pahang. The retreat took place from 1-3 March 2019. Fr Simon Pereira from Novena Church Singapore was invited to give the team members a refresh and renewal guidance to continue their journey in RCIA. The theme was on “Empowerment” so that RCIA team members are empowered to be sent to evangelise and to build strong human relationships.


Fr Simon reminded that there shall be no intense focus on Jesus’ miracles but rather on Jesus’ teaching of quiet moments, be in solitude, get connected and be close to Our Father. Current society is filled with brokenness and woundedness, especially in relationship matters. RCIA facilitators dealing with adults shall be empowered with the Word of God, proclaiming the Gospel to newcomers who wish to embrace the faith. Fr Simon touched on “Encounters, Liberation, Transformation and Mission”, with the final word that God is Love.


Fr Simon also gathered all his children and celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation with them. Mass was celebrated every day as the Eucharist empowered the divine presence to all to continue the sharing of God's presence. Fr Simon then blessed the facilitators, walking two by two, by saying that “Christ is depending on you”, and the facilitators responded with “and I on Him”. The final moment was prayer from the entire team to thank the Lord for His presence throughout and that Fr Simon be blessed for his many human encounters to shepherd all his missions. Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!

Click on RCIA for more information.


Opening of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd


After the 6 pm Mass at St Ignatius Church (SIC) on Friday 22 February 2019, SIC Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong CDD blessed the new Atrium located on the second floor of the new extension building adjoining Costantini Community Centre. The blessing was held on this date to coincide with the Feast of the Chair of St Peter the Apostle. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) is parent-child faith formation programme for children taking place in the Atrium which is a sacred, hands-on space in which children, their parents and catechists can reflect, hear and celebrate the essential mysteries of the Catholic faith as revealed in sacred scripture and the liturgy.


Children have the opportunity to respond in their own way to the material presented, e.g. a parable; Bible enthronement; an explanation of the altar; grace & courtesy whilst at Atrium; significance of Jerusalem in salvation history. Originating in 1954, CGS was developed in Rome by Dr Sofia Cavalletti (a Biblical scholar trained in Catholic theology) and Montessori educator Gianna Gobbi. It adopts a Montessori-based approach to faith formation for children ages 3 to 12. The Montessori method of education – developed by Maria Montessori and used for more than 100 years in many parts of the world – is a child-focused educational approach based on scientific observations of children.


Sessions are held every Saturday from 9.30 am to 10.30 am. The first session starts on 23 February 2019. As of date, the eight students already enrolled will be taught by three trained catechists and six assistant catechists. According to CGS Coordinator Angeline Kam, her hope is for every child to be able to undergo this parent-child journey to develop a deep understanding of & love for our Catholic faith, that they grow up never to leave the Church, and turn to God always.


Also present at the opening were Assistant Parish Priest Fr Lawrence Ng CDD, Br Joseph Lim CDD and Sr Maria Chan who is part of the Mandarin CGS which will commence in late June 2019. Churches with Atriums have given SIC the honour to host the Level 1 Part 1 CGS training programme to be held from 27 May to 1 June 2019, 9 am to 5 pm. Pls call Angeline Kam 012 380 2870 if you have any enquiries. Click on form to download the registration form for the Level 1 Part 1 CGS training programme to be held in SIC from 27 May to 1 June 2019.


More photos taken by the Parish Communication Team (PCT) are available for viewing & downloading atgooglephotos

Below is an invitation to attend a workshop for those who may have an interest in forming the faith of young Catholic children as catechists. As any Sunday school teacher or catechist will testify, they learn as much as they teach, often more so. Take the first step. Click on onlineregicon to register online. 


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