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Lenten Campaign 2016

Click on Lenten Campaign 2016 to view information and various activities organised by the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese in conjunction with the Year of Mercy. We are called to renew and transform themselves to become better Christians during this blessed season.

25th Sacerdotal Anniversary of Fr Lucas

I am truly humbled by the opportunity that our Lord has given me to follow in His footsteps. Over the past 25 years, none of the challenges that I encountered would have mattered, if not for His wondrous love, grace and blessings, which I consider a privilege to receive. This reflection by St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng in a commemorative booklet sums up the divine providence and direction Almighty God had for him since he first heard the call to the priesthood a quarter century ago. 



Aware that Fr Lucas has already given almost half his life in service to Christ and his Church, some 900 attendees comprising priests, religious, family members, friends and parishioners gathered at Yuk Chai Primary School in Taman Megah on Sunday 6 Dec 2015 to celebrate this milestone. Amongst the priests in attendance were Kuala Lumpur Archbishop His Grace Julian Leow, Archbishop Emeritus Soter Fernandez, CDD Superior-General Fr John Chia and Fr Philip Tan (Provincial, CDD priests in Malaysia). 



Various song & dance performances were put up by both English- and Mandarin-speaking ministries of SIC, as well as one by ZOMI youths. There was also a song tribute by Fr Luke from Vietnam and photo screenings of significant moments in the life of Fr Lucas so far. One of the highlights of the evening was a change-face performance which enthralled all those present.


Earlier before the dinner, Fr Lucas was the main celebrant at the 6 pm Mass in thanksgiving for his sacerdotal (Latin sacerdotalis meaning 'priestly') anniversary. Archbishop Emeritus Soter, Fr Joe Pereira (Chancellor, Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur), Fr John Chia and SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong were among the 14 concelebrants at the Mass.




Photography: Matthew Soo & Aaron Thomas

View and download more photos from Flickr.


Preparing for Christmas 2015

An often-heard remark amongst Catholics is that every Christmas is the same. Attend Mass, wish each other Blessed or Merry Christmas, unwrap our presents and join the revelry at parties. Can this coming Christmas be more meaningful than usual? As we are already in the season of Advent, it is timely to know a bit more about this period of preparation before Christmas. Advent begins with First Vespers (Evening Prayer I) of the Sunday that falls on or closest to 30 November and it ends before First Vespers (Evening Prayer I) of Christmas. The Sundays of this time of year are named the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Sundays of Advent.

According to the Universal Norms on the Liturgical Year & the General Roman Calendar (no. 39): Advent has a twofold character, for it is a time of preparation for the Solemnities of Christmas, in which the First Coming of the Son of God to humanity is remembered, and likewise a time when, by remembrance of this, minds and hearts are led to look forward to Christ's Second Coming at the end of time. For these two reasons, Advent is a period of devout and expectant delight. 

As a step towards a more meaningful Christmas, we can gather together as a community of faith for the 9 Day Christmas Novena at SIC which includes praying the Rosary and the Liturgy of the Hours (LOTH). The schedule is as follows:

Wed 16 Dec
5 pm Rosary / LOTH / 1st Day Christmas Novena
Thu 17 Dec
5 pm Rosary / LOTH / 2nd Day Christmas Novena
Fri 18 Dec
5 pm Rosary / LOTH / 3rd Day Christmas Novena
Sat 19 Dec
5 pm 4th Day Christmas Novena / Rosary / Novena to Our Lady
Sun 20 Dec
5.15 pm Rosary / 5th Day Christmas Novena
Mon 21 Dec
5 pm Rosary / LOTH / 6th Day Christmas Novena
Tue 22 Dec
5 pm Rosary / LOTH / 7th Day Christmas Novena
Wed 23 Dec
5 pm Rosary / LOTH / 8th Day Christmas Novena
Thu 24 Dec
10 pm Rosary / 9th Day Christmas Novena / A Musical Journey / 11 pm Midnight Mass

SIC Parish Assembly 2015

Shortly after 2 pm on Saturday 14 Nov 2015, the St Ignatius Church (SIC) Parish Assembly (PA) commenced at the Costantini Community Centre with enthronement of the Bible and an opening prayer. SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng gave a short welcome address and introduced Fr Clarence Devadass (Director, Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute) who proceeded to explain the Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention (PMPC) process. He shared that after focusing on reviving or giving new life/direction for our BECs over the past two years, the Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese will now focus on PMPC 4 to be held next year. Every 10 years since 1976, the Church in Peninsular Malaysia has come together to meet, pray, discuss and discern its journey. This is an on-going process of renewal that began with the Aggiornamento ("a bringing up to date") in 1976. Fr Clarence shared that the process that the Archdiocese is taking for PMPC 4 is from the Parish PA to the Archdiocesan PA (to be held in May 2016) – ending with PMPC 4 (Oct 2016).



In planning for PMPC 4, the Church will have to take into account many factors which have changed since 1976 including demographics; social environment, institutional/societal/family structures; and development/advancement (e.g. aerogrammes replaced by instant communication). In addition to the 97 collated responses to the Archdiocese Pastoral Questionnaire received from attendees at the Pre-PA held on 17 Oct 2016, those at the assembly who did not attend Pre-PA were encouraged to fill the Questionnaire. To get a better sampling and cross-section of opinions/views, they were also encouraged to approach Catholics whom they knew are not active in church or are even lapsed Catholics to take part in the Questionnaire.


After a short tea break, attendees broke into groups to discuss the greatest concerns within and threats from outside the Church – and what could be done together as Church to respond and be relevant in Peninsular Malaysia. A number of groups then each presented two of the issues which surfaced during their discussions. Those mentioned include the indifference/vulnerability of some Catholics due to a lack of faith formation and poor attendance at Mass especially amongst youths. A worrying statistic, mentioned by Fr Clarence, from a pew census done in 2004 disclosed that only 47% of parishioners in the KL Archdiocese attend weekend Masses regularly.



Kuala Lumpur Archbishop His Grace Julian Leow then addressed the assembly towards its conclusion. He mentioned that our concerns will be brought up to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Assembly and attempts will be made to narrow the gap between the reality and the dream – that is where the strategies need to come in. Eventually, PMPC 4 will try to address the concerns for Peninsular Malaysia as a whole. Archbishop Julian advised that before any action be taken, we have to spend time to ask ourselves: What does God expect of us? What does God expect of the church? The assembly came to an end with Archbishop Julian blessing the 200 parishioners in attendance. SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong also attended the assembly which was chaired by Lourdes Abishegam (Parish Pastoral Council) and Frederick Ow (Chairman, Parish Chinese Apostolate).

Click on Parish Pastoral Assembly 2015 to view the slides presented by Fr Clarence.

Photography: Peter Law 


SIC Pre-Parish Assembly 2015

This year's Parish Assembly (PA) at St Ignatius Church scheduled for 14 November was preceded by a Pre-PA held at the Costantini Community Centre on 17 October 2015. As the event next month will be preoccupied mainly by Kuala Lumpur Archbishop His Grace Julian Leow addressing parishioners including presenting the outcome of the Archdiocese Pastoral Questionaire which was done at the Pre-PA, the usual PA agenda was tabled at the Pre-PA. More than 100 parishioners from both the English- and Mandarin-speaking communities representing BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) and parish ministries were in attendance.


Chaired by Lourdes Abishegam, John Ooi (both of Parish Pastoral Council) and Frederick Ow (Chairman, Parish Chinese Apostolate), the event started at 1.15 pm with praise & worship, Bible enthronement and an opening prayer. SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng in his welcome address encouraged parishioners to carry out parts of Parish Plan for 2015 which have yet to be completed. Regardless, he appreciated the diligence of church ministries & organisations and BECs in organising and implementing activities throughout the year. 


Fr Lucas mentioned that as SIC looks ahead to implement the Parish Plan for 2016, parishioners should bear in mind that the timing of the 2016 plan coincides with the Jubilee Year of Mercy announced by His Holiness Pope Francis. The Jubilee Year starts from 8 Dec 2015 (Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception) and end on 20 Nov 2016 (Feast of Christ the King). After the Mandarin Apostolate moved over to another room to carry out their separate discussion, Erwin Ho (Chairman, Parish Pastoral Council) gave a recap of the Parish Pastoral Plan which he explained was part of a two-year plan which started in 2015. Hence, the theme for SIC parish in 2015 – To be a Worshipping, Welcoming & Caring Community – is also the theme for 2016. Worship & Community will be the parish focus areas for 2015-2016 and Education & Formation and Services for 2017-2018. 



PPC member Sharma Rajadurai provided an insight into the strategies, events and activities proposed by various ministries and the mechanics of monitoring their implementation, followed by Alphonso Lourdesamy (Chairman, Parish Coordinating Council) and BECCOT Chairman John Gan with progress reports on activities and projects by church ministries & organisations and BECs respectively. Attendees then received guidance in filling the Archdiocese Pastoral Questionnaire. Rounding out presentations for the day, Edward Sta Maria (Chairman, Parish Finance Committee) projected the Parish Finance Report and clarified several queries raised by the audience.  



After three new members were elected to the Parish Pastoral Council, Fr Lucas in his closing address stressed the importance of the questionnaire which will be an integral part of preparations towards the 4th Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention (PMPC) scheduled for 2016. The Pre-PA which was also attended by SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong drew to a close with a prayer by Erwin.

Photography: John Ragai


Special Baptism & First Holy Communion

Three boys and four girls were baptised into the Catholic Church and received their First Holy Communion with seven others on Sunday 20 September 2015 under a special programme conducted by the St Ignatius Church (SIC) Sunday School. SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng was the celebrant at the baptism ceremony which began at 4.45 pm witnessed by parents, godparents and friends. The group of 14 boys and girls received their First Holy Communion at the 6 pm Mass which was also celebrated by Fr Lucas

This special catechism programme is conducted by the SIC Sunday School for:
children (of parent/s baptised as adults) who want to join the Catholic Church,
children (of Catholic parents) who have not had the opportunity to attend Sunday School (e.g. those who accompanied parents posted overseas), and
children above who are within the Standard 3 to Form Four age group. 



Click on Sunday School for more information on classes and activities to prepare children for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Click here to view more photos.


Archdiocese Census @ SIC

Thirty-five volunteers, carefully going through more than 6,200 census forms, over six sessions on weekdays and weekends to key in and check data  an intensive effort undertaken by St Ignatius Church (SIC) to obtain a demographic profile of parishioners in SIC & the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur. Held at the cafeteria and room 1-1 at the Costantini Community Centre, the project was spearheaded by a team comprising Erwin Ho, Gerry Cacas, Justina Chua, Alphonso Lourdesamy, Shamus Siau and John Gan which also organised the form-filling exercise during Masses of 16-17 Aug 2015. Regardless of whether they are Catholics or not, attendees at the Masses duly wrote down the requisite information in the forms assisted by hospitality ministers, communion ministers and other volunteers. Helpdesks were also set up at the main church entrance on the following two weekends to cater to those who were not around during the exercise.       



BECs (Basic Ecclesial Communities) also played their part by bringing census forms to the homebound, those warded at hospitals and even lapsed Catholics. This census at SIC is part of a larger census of Catholic parishes undertaken by the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur this year – to assist its pastoral planning for the next decade leading towards the Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention in 2016. It is more comprehensive than the last such census undertaken in 2004 as it includes infants, children and adults instead of just Catholics above the age of 12. 



Click on Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese Census 2015 for more information.


Parish Planning Workshop 2015

By Erwin Ho, PPC Chairman

Thirty five lay leaders comprising ministry coordinators, Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and Parish Chinese Apostolate (PCA) members, the chairperson and assistant chairpersons of the BEC Coordinating Team (English & Mandarin BECCOT) and Parish Coordinating Councils (PCC & PCCC), participated in a two-day Parish Planning Workshop in the Costantini Community Centre from 28-29 August 2015. The workshop was led by Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng and Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong. 


During the workshop, the participants collated and deciphered the Parish Plan Strategies submitted by the various ministries. They also spent some time to pause momentarily and re-evaluate the goals, objectives and strategies to see if these are still relevant to meet the challenges brought about by the rapid changes around us and our parish in particular. Most of all, they were asked to discern if we, as a Parish, are ready to persevere in doing our best under all circumstances. A very special word of thanks to Dr Gabriel Teo, who generously and graciously hosted a sumptuous dinner and fellowship at his home, for the participants and the SS3 BEC.

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