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Sunday School Registration 2014

Sunday School Registration for the 2014 school year begins on 29 September 2013. Registration counters will be opened from 10.15am to 11.45 am at the Training Centre, (Level 1, Room 1-2) on the following days...

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A Helping Hand for the Orang Asli

by Tropicana John Paul II BEC

A plea for assistance for a decent place of worship in 2013 led BEC Tropicana John Paul II from St Ignatius Church (SIC) to heed that call. That call came from the Catholic community of the Semai orang asli group near Temor, Perak. The BEC proceeded to raise funds and used it to renovate and refurbish the orang asli’s chapel. Thanks to the generosity of various people including members of the BEC and parishioners of SIC, the renovation of the chapel could take place. This community now has a permanent and comfortable prayer centre to carry out their daily worship. Bishop Sebastian Francis (Bishop of Penang) was at hand in November 2013 to bless the chapel. The balance of the funds were also used to build bathrooms for several orang asli families.

tropicanajp2j tropicanajp2f


The BEC came together once again on 23 March 2014 as part of their Lenten Campaign to provide further assistance to this orang asli community. Food, provisions and financial assistance were provided during the visit. Together with their families, the BEC joined hands in praise and worship with the orang asli community. The Word of God was read and shared by Johanis, the lay leader of the orang asli community. Thereafter the BEC were provided with updates on the achievements of the orang asli community and heard their plight. Amongst others, their grievances include the lack of basic amenities and job opportunities. For instance, one orang asli girl who had just graduated as a nurse found it difficult to gain employment.



Johanis explained that the men folks hardly support or participate in religious activities. Hence, the orang asli women were left to raise their children in the Christian faith alone. Moved by their plight, BEC Coordinator Jennifer Heng explained that education is essential for the children especially in the development of their Christian faith. She said the BEC will assist the orang asli community by providing reading materials for these children. The BEC then spend time interacting with the orang asli community before returning to Petaling Jaya. Let us work together so that everyone will have bread are the words of Blessed John Paul II that has inspired the BEC to continue with its corporal works of mercy.


World Marriage Day

by Shelagh Nunis

Smiling faces were seen around St Ignatius Church as married couples renewed their marriage vows at the 8.45 am Mass on World Marriage Day, Sunday 9 February 2014. The purpose of World Marriage Day is to honour husband and wife as the foundation of the family, the basic unit of society. It salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life. The celebration echoes to married couples the commandment given to us by Jesus: Love one another, as I have loved you (John 15:12). World Marriage Day was given the Apostolic Blessing of the late Pope John Paul II in 1993.

 World Marriage Day 1World Marriage Day 3

World Marriage Day 8World Marriage Day 2World Marriage Day 11

World Marriage Day 4World Marriage Day 5

World Marriage Day 6World Marriage Day 7

World Marriage Day 9World Marriage Day 10

Photography: Daniel Khong


Called By God




Parish Planner/Calendar 2014

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) of St Ignatius Church (SIC) has produced the Parish Planner/Calendar for 2014. It lays out the Pastoral Plan for SIC guided by the theme: Caring & Sharing, United In Christ. Apart from the five main levels of pastoral care and goals, the document also lists in detail the main church-level, ministry and BEC activities for the year.

Click here to view or download the Planner/Calendar onto your PC/tablet/phone for reference.



A Journey into the Word

by Stefenie Choo

Sometime in 2013, numerous painful challenges were inflicted upon me over a short period of time. One day, alone, grieved and feeling extremely down and miserable, I found myself lost in direction in life... Just then, my eyes inadvertently cast upon the Bible on a nearby table in the house. Picking it up, not knowing which part of the Scripture to read on, the Bible opened itself up before me. The Word (Psalm 27) in the Bible came alive and enfolded before me. Its beauty and wisdom permeated into my whole being. Almost instantly, before finishing the third verse, an immense peace overwhelmed me. My spirit was lifted up and revived! The Word of the Lord heals and revitalises, as the Word is Power and Love!

Catholics are privileged to receive both His Word and Holy Communion in each Eucharistic Celebration. In order that our communion with God becomes more complete as we try to live out the Scriptures on a daily basis, we need to know the Lord better through the learning and understanding of His Word. Such soul-searching calls could be accomplished by engaging oneself in a variety of Scripture enrichment sessions. One such Spirit-inspiring scripture study programme is offered by the SIC Scripture Study (SSS) Ministry. 



I embarked on the 24-week The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation in June 2013, after journeying with SSS in their A Quick Journey Through the Bible and Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come modules in 2012 and first half of 2013. My first course with SSS  A Quick Journey Through the Bible – was both the Call and my earnest search for knowing the Lord better. Subsequent enrolment in other modules offered by SSS was the outcome of (i) the tremendous spiritual enrichment gained from earlier modules, (ii) inspiration and enjoyment experienced throughout the learning journey brought forth by the grace of God, the inspiring presenter Jeff Cavins, and the selfless, devoted and caring SSS core-team and facilitators!



The Bible Timeline (BT) comprised a series of 24 weekly sessions of video presentations by Jeff Cavins, an internationally-renowned Bible teacher cum public speaker from USA. This module is a Journey through the Bible that helps participants to learn the “big picture” of God’s plan in Sacred Scripture through 12 biblical periods of salvation history and to understand its meaning for our lives. Each session begins with the Bible Enthronement, followed by Praise & Worship and Gospel reading for the day. The session continues with a one-hour video presentation by Jeff Cavins, followed by another hour of group discussion in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere led by facilitators based on information acquired from the video presentation of the day.



To aid learning, transcribed notes prepared by facilitators and discussion questions are pre-distributed to participants weeks earlier for reading and as reference, and for the preparation of the discussion questions. Discussion questions are designed to take participants into the text, to make the participants think how various parts of the Scriptures are inter-related and are connected to the current world, and how the Word is applicable to their daily lives. Other learning materials carefully sourced and provided in aid of learning include biblical maps, pictures and diagrams, which help to illustrate the study and make it more comprehensible.      

I find the BT a fascinating study, taking the participants on a journey through the entire Bible, going deep into each period of salvation history and discovering the amazing story woven throughout all of Sacred Scripture. The module imparts the participants with knowledge of the major people, places and events of the Bible and shows how these come together to reveal the remarkable story of Catholic faith! I have recently signed up for another module entitled Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom which will commence in March 2014. I would strongly encourage all to partake in Scripture modules offered by SSS: 

·     Modules offered are interesting, well-structured, enriching, enlightening and Spirit-inspiring,

·     Presented by an excellent speaker, who communicates the Catholic faith at a level that everyone can understand, taking theological truths and expressing them in a practical way,

·     Under the guidance of a team of lively, caring, friendly and devoted SSS facilitators who often-times go beyond the course requirements to, (a) source for additional Scripture-related materials, (b) research information tirelessly in answering class queries, (c) constantly encourage and remind participants to live out the Scripture by sharing information on community/world concerns and various charity/community activities, (d) sustain and instil spiritual zeal and enhance knowledge by organising Scripture-related activities in-between modules such as video screenings, Seder Meal, graduation ceremony,

·     Meeting and making many new friends as brothers- & sisters-in-Christ from other parishes, and 

·     Joy and fulfilment experienced throughout the Journey into God's Word.




Photography: Matthew Soo & John Ragai 

Click here for more information about SSS.


Closing of 25th Anniversary Celebrations

More than 600 parishioners attended the SIC Family Fiesta held on 10 November 2013 to help bring the curtain down on St Ignatius Church's (SIC) 25th anniversary celebrations. A year-long series of events Feast Day Triduum, Anniversary Dinner, Anniversary Book, Anniversary Logo, souvenir items, formation programmes and other activities were organised to mark this milestone for the church. A bilingual Mass beginning at 8.30 am helped usher in the Family Fiesta which kicked off with a procession into church by BEC leaders.

 Fiesta 1

fiesta 21afiesta 21

Fiesta 5fiesta 23

After releasing balloons and two pigeons to declare the start of festivities, SIC Parish Priest Fr Lucas Ng acknowledged the tireless contributions of parishioners in making SIC's Silver Jubilee celebration a success. Moreover, activities organised over the past 12 months have reinforced the importance of Faith: Know, Live, Share amongst parishioners. Apart from food/craft & games stalls, other Fiesta attractions include a Family Talent Contest, Nativity Dress Up Contest, mini-health checks, artists corner, sand art, face painting, horse rides and BECs & Ministries Banner Contest. SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong and Fr Philip Tan (Provincial, CDD Malaysia) also officiated at the event. Several Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) sisters presented an acting/song skit.

Fiesta 6Fiesta 7

Fiesta 9Fiesta 11

Fiesta 13Fiesta 14

In between were song and dance items performed by the young & not-so-young alike. Many parishoners stayed back till about 3 pm hoping to snag the Raffle Draw grand prize a laptop computer valued at RM2,500. Kudos to the 25th Anniversary Organising Committee and other volunteers for helping to bring not only the Fiesta but all Anniversary events to fruition. SIC looks forward to its next quarter century with much hope and optimism. 

Fiesta 18

Fiesta 16Fiesta 19

Fiesta 20Fiesta 17

Click here and here to view more photos of the event.

Photography: John Ari Ragai & Matthew Soo


30 Children Baptised into Church

Sixteen boys and girls were baptised into the Catholic Church and received their First Holy Communion on Sunday 29 September 2013 under a special programme conducted by the St Ignatius Church (SIC) Sunday School. This year’s event was extra special as the children were joined by 14 infants for baptism by SIC Assistant Parish Priest Fr Andrew Wong. Together with their parents, godparents and friends, they waited with excited anticipation at the main church entrance for the ceremony to begin at 4.45 pm. 

Special Baptism 2013 a Special Baptism 2013 b
Special Baptism 2013 cSpecial Baptism 2013 d
Special Baptism 2013 eSpecial Baptism 2013 f
Special Baptism 2013 gSpecial Baptism 2013 h

This special catechism programme is conducted by the SIC Sunday School for:  

children (of parent/s baptised as adults) who want to join the Catholic Church,
children (of Catholic parents) who have not had the opportunity to attend Sunday School (e.g. those who accompanied parents posted overseas), and
children above who are within the Standard 3 to Form Four age group.

 Special Baptism 2013 iSpecial Baptism 2013 j

Special Baptism 2013 k

 Special Baptism 2013 l

Special Baptism 2013 m

Click on Sunday School for more information on classes and activities to prepare children for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Click here to view more photos.

Photography: John Ari Ragai & Matthew Soo

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